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Creating Beautiful Final Days

For you, For Family Member, For Your Pet

If you could design your final space what would you choose? 

Is everything in order? Letters to write?

Would you like someone to manage the flow of well wishers?

Want to throw a bash, host a luncheon or go camping
before your illness takes over?

I'm here to help.


International End of Life Doula Association (INELDA)



 For You

Let's create a beautiful experience for you! Death can be joyous, if you embrace it, and I will help to fulfill your wishes.  This is all about you and nothing is off the table.


We will spend time together so that I have a full understanding of your personality, beliefs and wishes for how you would like to celebrate your life before it's over.

  • You can design a ritual for how your body is treated after your death.

  • You can request that a particular spiritual advisor pay you visits.

  • You can dictate letters which will be delivered at your request.

  • Are you an artist who would like to create something? A Legacy Project can be transformative.

  • Peace of mind is paramount, so if there is a pet whose care is of concern, we will have a chat with your buddy and put a plan in place.

  • If you're hoping to have a rip-roaring party, go camping or plan an intimate dinner party before your illness takes over, you've come to the right person to plan it for you.

  • You can spend evenings gazing at the stars. Or, days enjoying your garden.

  • Is there a book I can read to you?

  • When was the last time you danced?

  • Some people just want their hand held. 

You may have emotions to share, fear to confront and regrets to release. I will be a confidential and empathetic ear  and coach you through it.

 For Family Member

You can design a ritual for yourself, for your family and friends, to mark the moments just before the dying person's last breaths, or just after. Your doula will facilitate your ritual because you could be too emotional to do so.

Many people do not realize that there is no rush to remove the body from the home - and you can take the time you need to say goodbye, send the spirit soaring, touch, hug, sing, lift a glass, light some sage, play music, read a poem - whatever is meaningful to mark these moments will  remain with you as you begin the grieving process.

  • Would you like a break from your caregiving duties, someone to sit with your loved one while you take care of yourself?

  • If you need help managing the visitors we can create a plan to help to pace the flow of visitors. Your doula can be the manager so that you can focus on your emotions, family and friends.

  • Who is managing the loved one's lawncare, bill paying, housekeeping, trash removal, laundry.... everything that is involved in running a house need not cease if you assign tasks. Your doula can keep the schedule fluid.

  • Often the dying want the people around them to be happy, smiling and recalling to fun times. If the mood strikes, go for it; put on some music & twirl around the room; serve a round of drinks and let your laughter be the medicine of the day.

If you have questions, concerns, ideas, I will be your sounding board and liaison so that you can focus on your needs in what is often a confusing and trying time.

 For Your Pet


Saying goodbye to a pet can be the hardest loss, often more so than a human because they give us nothing but love. They don't argue, unless you are holding a piece of food that they desperately want. They only want to be your friend.

As their friend and caregiver, the difficult choice of knowing when it's their time is the most humane thing that we can do for them. They rely on us to not let them suffer. I am a proponent of the hard choice, rather than allowing a pet to linger because some are not emotionally ready to bid farewell. There is no judgement in making this decision and I will do what I can to reassure you.


  • Does your pet have favorite foods?

  • Do you want him/her to be buried on your property, cremated or donated to science?

  • There are mobile vets who will come to your home to provide euthanasia services.

  • Your doula can make arrangements for you and ask all of your questions so that you can focus on your pet and your emotions.

  • If there are people to contact about your pet's death, I can help you.

  • If, for whatever reason, you cannot accompany your pet to the vet, I can help.

  • There are lovely grave makers and ash urns for pets - even lockets that hold a small amount of ash if you want to keep your friend with you. Some funeral homes specialize in pet cremation.

While death is serious and often sad, with my help you can focus on your pet and the emotional bond you've shared while I handle the details.

"Your cheerful and calm demeanor was such a bright light in my day. You gave me a sense of peace knowing that my husband was in good hands while I went to church."   Mary N.

About Your Death Doula

I came to this industry after assisting my father in his death journey. I have always had a fascination with cemeteries because of the geneology and innately believe that a person's ending can be joyful rather than somber. So, when I read about Death Doulas I knew this work would be a good fit for me.

During my course training with INELDA, my dog was approaching her last days and I took some of those lessons with me to give her a beautiful farewell. What a gift!

As someone who likes to make people feel welcome, comfortable and heard, the natural direction for me to take in my practice is that of providing lovely & joyful final days, with grace & harmony woven into the experience.

A native Washingtonian, then long-time resident of Aspen, CO, and now a citizen of the Delaware Shore area, I am delighted to offer End of Life coaching services, EOLD Workshops and Death Cafes.

I wish you the grace and peace of a beautiful death.

INELDA Member / Alumnus
EOLD Workshop(TM)
Death Cafe
Hospice Volunteer



$150 - $750

3-15 Hours

Can be customized


$1000 - $1750 +

20 - 35+ Hours

Can be customized


$50 - $250 +

1-5+ Hours

Can be customized

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